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Rojin Hamd Aria Company,A part of Hamad Aria Group, was established and put into operation in 2012 in a space of 3000 square meters under the brand "ROHA" with the mission of producing disposable laboratory Utensils. ROHA, with a decade of experience in the laboratory industry, has been able to produce high quality products and take effective steps in the field of laboratory equipment production by using modern knowledge and machines and with a scientific approach to issues. Quality, Gaining the trust and satisfaction of customers is one of the most important principles of Rojin Hamd Aria company, and by always complying with quality standards and with more speed than in the past, it has been able to improve its position in providing laboratory quality products. In this regard, in recent years, Rojin Hamd Aria Company has succeeded in obtaining ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 international quality management certificates. We intend to always take greater steps in order to fulfill our organizational slogan "ROHA,THE RIGHT CHOICE" and provide better service.